Kamis, Mei 28

Maju Film Indonesia

Glad to see that beside our country's all-messed-up music industries, the movie industries seems to be making some breakthrough.

What I meant to say is, these Indonesian-themed movie trailers really giving me the chill down my frickin' spine!

Note that the second movie it's actually directed by a foreigner, and the first (and the most impressive) movie it's actually struggling it's way to be shown in Indonesia because of no support! (currently will be shown in London)
Oh come on you money-oriented art-senseless Indonesian publisher! We had enough of cheap horror or cheesy teen flicks or embarassing erotical shits!


Sabtu, Mei 23

Movies #2

It's actually funny that now I have more busier days than there was during pre-exam period. 
So frickin' busy that I only had watched three movies in the past 3 weeks. Three frickin' movie!
Anyway, here's the review. 

Crank : High Voltage
(+) I laughed all the time. Yeah.. good laugh.
(-) Wait a second, i wasn't supposed to laugh.. I'm expecting a bad-ass action movie! Is this a comedy? Am I in the right studio??
(-) Dammit! It is Crank 2! Dang the directors, what have you done? You're turning Jason Statham into a total dickhead! Totally ruined his image you fool.
(+) At least it's still as bad-ass as it seems, but like, you know, in a totally different way.

Night At The Museum 2 : Battle Of The Smithsonians
(+) Epic enough to make me stay awake, funny enough to make me laugh.
(-) Okay, probably my laughter is affected by my surrounding, I mean, I watched this along with twenty of my classmates.
(-) Now it's really getting crowded. No, not the theater, but the movie! How many more character will show up? What's next? Michael Jackson?
(-) And in the end it's all about teaching us to do what we love for living. Hey, I thought Hollywood'd done with that? Totally c-h-e-e-s-y dude.
(+) Gotta love that Darth Vader though, bravo.

(  ) This movie is like, morally wrong in any aspect. Wait a minute, is it a minus or plus then? Hehehe
(+) Gotta love how Ewan McGreggor narating his story. Epic.
(-) Some dialogues made me lost. Pardon my bad english then.
(+) Some mise-en-scene is really disturbing. A good kind of disturbing. Like how the main character is flushing himself down the toilet. Danny Boyle is a genius. 
(-) I really don't get what this movie is all about. Potraying negative sides of the britains? Teaching us to stay away from drugs? Nah, must be somethin else that I shouldn't care about.


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Sabtu, Mei 16


Okay, here's the thing.
Actually, me and my friend are planning to start a clothing business.
Naaah don't think about bags or shoes or hoodies or shit, we just wanna sell some tees with our own original design on it.
And here I am sharing some original design I found while looking for some inspiration on the net

Pretty neat eh?
Okay probably not, cause my design will be better! (HAHAHA) *slap*
Now I just have to turn on the shut-the-fuck-up-and-get-your-ass-off mode

Jumat, Mei 15

The dude is still here!
This blog is not dead!

I've been busy with my part time job, freelance activity, and my hopefully-will-start-soon business.
And i've been doing quite a lot of chaos with my Lumix camera. 
I promised myself to post them soon, so meanwhile why don't you click on the picture below, I made it and it's related to my freelance activities.

Thank you for still visiting! ^^