Kamis, November 6


Well as we can see the whole world is getting all hyped up about Barrack Obama being the next president of united states. Especially in Indonesia, where apparently the hype was because Obama spend some of his childhood resided in Jakarta.
Well congratulation for anyone who came to the same elementary school as Obama. At least now they have something to be proud of.
And for the school, congrats too! Betcha every parents in Jakarta laid their eyes on you now.

Anyway anyhow, me myself didn't really follow the whole US campaign thing. So I can't really comment anything about Obama nor to compare him with McCain. But anyway sir, congrats, they said when you lead America, you lead the whole world along.

The one thing that amazed me is this song dedicated to Obama.
The whole song using Obama's speeches as lyrics! Sung by various artist.
Well I think this is totally awesome.
Here's the video.

And as the campaign went along the previous months, lots and lots of Obama artwork were shown on the net. They're wickedly cool.

The first set is some piece by Shepard Fairey

I like how he use the red blue and white as the main colors-representing the flag of united states of course-by not making them so obvious.

The next one is "Words of Change" by Gui Borchert

Dang this is so cool. Using typoghraphy to create Obama's potrait. Using word from Obama's tongue. I think the message was "A man's word is what has made himself" or so ever bla bla bla.

The next one is some cool collage somebody I don't know. I'm sorry somebody I don't know. If you know who made this please tell me.

The whole collage made from pictures of Obama's campaign. Tightly made.

Well that's it. There's a lot more of Obama promotion artwork scattered in the web. Here's a link to some collection : [click!] Byeeee!