Minggu, Januari 11

Some People Dance

Some people were born to sit by a river
Some get struck by lightning
Some have an ear for music
Some are artists
Some swim
Some know buttons
Some know Shakespeare
Some are mothers
and some people, dance

~Benjamin Button

Minggu, Januari 4


I'm Not There
Marcus Carl Franklin, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Ben Whishaw, Richard Gere, and Cate Blanchett potrays Bob Dylan in each stages of his life.
+ The soundtrack rocks!
- If you're not familiar with the lives of Bob Dylan, i suggest reading the whole movie synopsis in wikipedia before watching
-/+ Smart dialogue that's not easy to catch, i had to actually watch it twice

+ Loud, loud, standing applause for Cate Blanchett. Her acting was so convincing, I don't think any other male--or less-talented female--could give such power in her character.

+ I don't even know who Marcus Carl Franklin is, yet his acting was so mature for a boy in his age. Kinda like watching mini Denzel Washington.

Best Quote
"Beware of enthusiasm and of love, both are temporary and quick to sway" ~Arthur Rimbaud
5 out of 5

Kamis, Januari 1

Like Fireworks

Happy New Year everyone!
And last nite's celebration was a blast. Me and friends spend the night at rama's.
We burned stuffs; from food to firecrackers, and had a photosession with fireworks. This neighbor of rama, they were playing with two boxes full of fireworks. And not just any fireworks, they were imported fireworks. It was absofrigginlutely beautiful. I literary skipped a heartbeat.

You guys are just like fireworks.

And I have to thank You, God; for showing me this hilarious scene as 2008's epilogue. I've never seen anyone riding a motorcycle with nothing but a boxer and helmet until last nite.

Btw, i'm pretty sure 2009 will be a hard year. So buckle up everybody! And thank you my friends for the great nite. I was having a really good time.
Sayonara 2008! Welcome 2009!