Minggu, April 19

UAN already? dang it!

i'll be having them on my menu for the next five days
yes, such a lame way to end these 12 years of uniform
please wish me and my fellow classmates a 100% pass, dude!

Kamis, April 16

Highschool for Fish

Once upon a day there was a fish got mistakenly tranfered to a human school.
Each day the fish met funny, happy, clumsy, and playful faces of its classmates.
The fish would never ever forget those days ever.

I Love Highschool.

Selasa, April 14

Unofficially Hemispherical

Out of boredom, i've found a new way in using my Lumix.
So my lumix was given with this digital wide lens w/ macro.
Then while fooling around at Kevin's, I separated the lens, and used it backwards. And voila! I got myself an unofficial fisheye lens.
It's not entirely fisheye, but hell with it, it is still fun to use anyway.

Sabtu, April 11

Ride With The Night

Have you ever thought,
while riding alone in an usual night,
that apart from the lights, soul, and excitement that streets offer,
why did you chose to be here in this cold metal box?

"It's the sense of touch.
We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something." (Det. Graham Waters - Crash (2004))

Jumat, April 10

Finally! I tought I will never get any.

My baby is called Panasonic Lumix DMC-F27, a semi-SLR
Deepest thanks for Uncle Ben for the sudden gift :)
Finally i've got my cam! Cool!


I am fooling round on the net all night and suddenly it's already frikin' 6 am in the morning!
I spend the whole night watching short flicks on youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc and this is the one that can really touch me.


And this, well I just think it's really cool (altough I managed to predict the ending).


Well, there's a lot more on the net, you may find them yourself.
As for me now.. *Yaaawn* Hmm.. Breakfast or sleep?

I've got accepted in STEI ITB.
My dream has came true.
However, celebration was never been this bitter.
Why? It's because i'm too selfish.
I'm too fucking selfish, that I wanted all my closest friends to be accepted and goes to the same college with me, when we know that I can't have all I want.
So Dear God, Allah SWT, if there's limit in the number of my wishes, this would be my last wish;
Make their dreams come true.

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