Minggu, Maret 22

I Was Dancing On The Seafloor

I want Jellyfish as a pet.
Why? Because they're awesome. 
First, they're uncommon to kept. 
Also, they're heavenly beautiful but demonic deadly at the sametime.
They're like, translucent, and can glow in the dark, and have mimicry ability like chameleon (okay, they actually don't but why ruins the mood, right?).
And they make a good dance partner.
If I have one, I will take them to my prom and my friends are gonna be jealous of me

Okay, I admit, I want them just because I saw them on Seven Pounds.

Senin, Maret 16

About these past few weeks...

Sick of those answer sheets!
I've been dealing with SIMAK UI and USM ITB (please wish me luck!)
and there are two weeks in a row of UAN try outs slipped in between.
And like all of those is not enough to make somebody's brain disfunctioned, now I am entering the THIRD week of try out.

Right now, it'll be amusing if some terrorist blew up the East Jakarta's education department or whoever deals with these stuff. (kidding, goverment!)