Senin, Desember 29


Recently Watched

Transporter 3
+ There'll be no arguments regarding Jason Statham as the best actor in all action movies. Period.

+ Oh yes, nice car btw.
- The chick was ugly. (yeah she was!)

+ Unique theme. It is so epic, two and a half hour but never boring, repeat, never.
+ Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman surely got the sexual chemistry.
+ The scene propositions kinda like moulin rouge, and guess what, it is directed by the same director.
- Cheesy just like all the epics. It was really fun anyway.

Am dying to watch

I'm Not There
? Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Richard Gere, Marcus Carl Franklin, Ben Wishaw, and Cate Blanchett all playing Bob Dylan. Yes, THAT Bob Dylan.
? Dark Knight and Joker, both playing Bob Dylan!
? Cate Blanchett is a chick. Yet she's playing Bob Dylan!
? I f*cking love Bob Dylan!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
? Just the whole unique idea of the movie is appetiting enough.

? It seems to have a good review everywhere.
? Oh, and it's Brad Pitt acting. Plus Cate Blanchett.

Currently Obsessed At

The famous mobflick still haunting me now.
Yea I know, you may say all the where-have-you-been as much as you like, but my obsession hasn't reach the end yet.
I wonder what makes the bowties and the lapels looked frigginly cool...

Minggu, Desember 28

Prendere Due Piccioni Con Una Fava

Okay, a quick note. I was watching Godfather, and fell in love with it. (Yea, I know, where have I been??) I never finish the novel, and now i'm dying to.
It really made me wanna blew the Straccis, get rid of the Cuneos, fuck the Tattaglias, and show the Barzinis what hell'd be like!
So after the movie, I decided that I MUST make something out of it, anything, artworks, photos, etc. And I decided to make a short story. I'm sorry if it too cheesy, or for the bad grammars.

But please, do read them till the end :) thank you.

It was almost dawn.

A man stood on the brink of the roads.
An auburn overcoat with huge lapels, white shirt--collar tucked in--and dark brown hat.
But it was the tie, red blood, that identified. Intimidating and almost ridiculously dangerous.
The man stood still, waiting for the night clouds.

7 p.m. and the street lights were up.
From the other corner came another red tie.
The scent of La Forza--the cigarettes--streamed across the sidewalk.
"Buona sera", the cigarette man greeted.
"Evening", the auburn coat replied.
"Come sta?"
"Bene, bene grazie. And you?"
"Bene grazie"
And then silence as both red ties stood quietly, veiled with tobacco smoke.

For the commoners, it may had been just two middle aged man gazing the dimmed street.
But little as we knows, both man were surveying the streets, examining the utmost possibility of eavesdropers.
And when they were sure that the street were safe, the conversation continued.

"It'll be a though night huh?", the auburn coat started.
"Si, si certo"
"So listen, there's been a slight change on the mission."
"Huh? Really? The consigliere didn't say anything."
"Yeah, it was recently changed"
"And actually, you don't need to know"
And second later, the gun was drew, and the loud noise teared off the bliss of the night sky.
Blood was shed right from the head, and there was the cigarettes man, with his shocked face--the very last facial expression he was able to show--lied liveless.
The auburn coat threw the gun into the puddle of blood. And then again, he waits. Waiting for the night clouds.

Utter silence.

Moments later, a 1940 Cadillac Fleetwood appeared from the corner.
It approached the auburn coat slowly, as the man himself just stood there quietly.
The window opened a little. A shade of grown up man lurking behind. Another red tie.

"Did you taken care of him?", said the sound behind the glass.
"As you can see", replied the auburn coat.
"Good kid. Now I've finally seen your proof of loyalty to me".
"Yeah, you made me an offer I can't refuse".
"Si, si. But, you see kid, in our family, there were no amnesty for betrayer."
"Wha-what do you mean?"
"Probably by now you've realized that it was all just a set up.
Then came a second of silence--once again--before the final word.
"Good bye kid, you did well."

And the noise of the second shot that night aches through the empty street.
The cadillac slowly moved toward the night street.
As silence approached again, both red tie now lied inanimate on the sidewalk.
The street light tinged with the color of the tie, now as red as the crimson blood.
It gave a blissful--even almost beautiful--scenery of that night, that cloudless night.

Sabtu, Desember 27


and maybe, if you agree with that, you may copy this picture into you computer, and repost it on your blog. help people realize that this is a beautiful world :)

Senin, Desember 22


Don't think too much
Don't overdo it

Keep it simple
Live it simple.

Rabu, Desember 17

Chat Log 17/12/2008

keviin says: nanda
keviin says: eh nan, bsk lo kmana

nanda says: gatau nih, ga kmana2
keviin says: k sekolah ngga
nanda says: kaga
keviin says: ahh sekolah yuk
keviin says: ngapalin agamaa cuy

nanda says: heeh nilainya udah dirapatin tauuk
nanda says: udah ga bisa
keviin says: masih bisaa kok nan
keviin says: kata pak taslim bsk masi bisaa

nanda says: yaudah lo aja sono
nanda says: gw maless
keviin says: yyahh jadi gini nan
keviin says: lo meninggalkan gue sendiri !!!

nanda says: maaf kev
nanda says: tapi aku sudah tidak bisa hidup seperti ini lagi
keviin says: apaa. jadi kmu sudah tidak mau hidup denganku!!!
keviin says: setelah yg selama ini sudah terjadii diantaraa kitaa !!!!!

nanda says: maaf tapi ini jalan hidupku
nanda says: aku harus melakukannya
nanda says: selamat tinggal..
nanda says: *angin berhembus*
keviin says: *angin berhembus menjadi sangat kencang, sampai menusuk hati*

nanda says: *naik ke atas kuda koboi* ayo pergi francesco (nama kudanya) !!
nanda says: *cetak (bunyi pecut)! ketepak ketepak ketepak...*
nanda says: *pergi ke arah matahari terbenam*
keviin says: *juga ikut menaiki kuda, ingin menyusul* ayoo kita susul dya alessandro (nm binatangnya)
keviin says: AKU TIDAKK BISAAA HIDUPPP *sambil trus memecut kuda* CPLAAAKK
nanda says: si.. sial.. kau tak akan bisa mendahului ku kevin!
nanda says: francesco adalah kuda pacuan tercepat di arizona!
nanda says: kau tidak akan bisa mengejarkuuu!! *cetak! ketepak ketepak ketepak*
keviin says: HAHAHA kau kira Alessandro hanya kuda kampung..
keviin says: TIDAAKK Kau salah besar NANDAA. dya adlah kuda tercepat di benua ini
keviin says: kecepatannya menandingi cahayaaa..

nanda says: ba..bajingan kau kevin!
nanda says: baiklah akan kukeluarkan senjata rahasiaku
nanda says: bokong francesco bisa mengeluarkan peluru! rasakan ini!
nanda says: BUTT BULLET! DETDETDDETDETDETDET (suara machine gun)
keviin says: *tapi dengan cerdiknya Alessandro menghindar*
keviin says: HAHAHA itu mah jurus kacangan, akan kukeluarkan jurus rahasia alessandro
keviin says: dari hidung Alessandro keluar api yang bergejolak yg siap membakar nanda dan kudanya

nanda says: hahaha hanya segitu kekuatanmu??
nanda says: francesco, keluarkan jurus pelindungmu!
nanda says: *ekor francesco berputar seperti kipas angin, memadamkan api alessandro*
nanda says: HURRICANE TAIILLS *nama jurus yg didapat secara spontan*
keviin says: haha buntut mu seperti kipas angin sajaa, tapi itu tidak membuat ku gentar !
keviin says: akan kukeluarkan jurus berikutnyaa
keviin says: lalu dari mulut Alessandro mengeluarkan sinar laser yang mampu memghancurkan monas sekalipun

nanda says: "i...ini gawat!!", pikir nanda, "bahkan peluru pantat milik francesco tak bisa menandinginya!!"
nanda says: baiklah hanya ada satu cara...
nanda says: *francesco berubah menjadi robot kuda besar yang kayak di film power ranger*
nanda says: *laser tertangkis, arahnya berubah dan menghancurkan bulan*
nanda says: rasakan kau!
keviin says: A,,A,, APAAAAAAA
keviin says: aku tidak mempercayai inii semuuaaaa !
keviin says: baiklah kalau begituuu..
keviin says: *dengan kekuatan bulan dan bintang2 di langit mka kuutus kau Alessandro untuk *
keviin says: *HIYYYYAAAATT ALESSANDROO menjadi stgh kuda stgh naga*
keviin says: dan dengan kekuatannyaa mampu menghancurkan planet2 di angkasa
keviin says: HUAHAHAHAHA.. mati kau Nanda, tak ada lagi yg bisa kau lakukan
nanda says: ..... *hening sesaat, nanda terdiam dan mulutnya tersenyum kecil* "hmph!"
nanda says: kau tak pernah menyadarinya kevin
nanda says: aku sudah tau kelemahan terbesar mu!!
nanda says: dan kau tidak menyembunyikannya! ini dikarenakan kau terlalu sering menonton porno dan ketahuan (hahaha ampuun kev)!!
nanda says: kelemahan mu adalah........
nanda says: adalah............
keviin says: itu semua hanya tipu muslihatmu
keviin says: engkau tidak tau kelemahanku
keviin says: yang aku tau kau adalah artis ibukota yg cukup terkenal HAHAHAHA

nanda says: tidak, tentu saja aku tahu
nanda says: tapi aku... lupa *GUBRAK, apaan sih*
nanda says: baiklah, mari kita lanjutkan
nanda says: *otak kevin pusing seketika karena tak bisa matematika*
keviin says: biarpun aku tidak mengerti matematika tapi akan kubalas

nanda says: hahaha cuma itu?
nanda says: tidak tahukan kau kalau kimiaku dapet 95? *HAHA ampun maaf pamer*
nanda says: rasakan ini
nanda says: *seketika dunia jadi terang dan putih selama beberapa saat*
keviin says: itu tidak akan mempan terhadapku nanda..
keviin says: sudah menyerah saja ditanganku..
keviin says: HAHAHAHA
nanda says: haduh nih kuda matinya susah bener ya
keviin says: ini bukan kuda sembarangan gtuu loooooo
keviin says: ini adalah Alessandro jelmaan kuda para dewa2 kuda
nanda says: kuda tetap saja kuda, dan sekarang aku tahu kelemahan mu
nanda says: KUDA ITU TAKUT SAMA NYAMUK *ngasal*
nanda says: rasakan iniii serangan nyamuuuk gilaa biadab disini banyak nyamuuuk
nanda says: nguung nggung
keviin says: tapi tenang aku sudah sedia baygon sekarang
keviin says: akan kusemprotkan *CROOTT CROTT*
nanda says: ah curang kau kevin ini kan settingnya tahun 1800-an belom ada baygon
nanda says: sialan
nanda says: baiklah karena aku capek dan pgn away sebentar
nanda says: akan kuakhiri kisah ini dengan serangan terakhir
nanda says: *dan semuanya pingsan, bahkan para dewa pun tak bisa menandingi bau kentut kuda*
nanda says: sekian drama dari kami wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
keviin says: Waalaikum salam Wr. Wb.
nanda says: *prok prok prok prok prok*

Selasa, Desember 16

Fire Virgins and The Smoke Lord

ablaze desire, silent gestures
passion completes love but love isn't passion
from step to step, swing to swing, clap to clap
the scent of burning heart
and the wretched scene of smoldered beauty
symphonyzed, though sadly almost unnoticed

for there is no smoke made without fire
they are, to dance for his desire